E-Commerce: Google AdWords Launch Inventory-Aware Campaigns

By Banc Digital

1 min read

If you have a Google Merchant Center account and a large inventory of products to manage, keeping this in sync with your AdWords campaigns can sometimes be a tough task. Changing prices, varied stock levels & daily promotions can all make the process extremely time consuming.

Google have responded to this potential problem and come up with the perfect solution – Google AdWords Inventory-Aware Campaigns.

With this new feature, DoubleClick keeps tabs on changes to the Merchant Center inventory feeds, with the AdWords campaigns then updated accordingly.

The DoubleClick system will monitor the Google Merchant Center feed for any amendments and will then automatically update where relevant – ensuring the advertiser doesn’t miss out on any potential sales and the customer is always delivered ads with updated prices, up-to-date product descriptions and are taken to correct landing pages.

In summary, Google AdWords Inventory-Aware Campaigns offers the following benefits;

  • Match the behaviour of ads and keywords to product inventory levels. As an example, keywords can be paused automatically when related products are out of stock, and then be re-activated when the product is once again available.
  • Keep ad-copy completely up to date based on feed parameters. For example, ads can be automatically updated based on description & price updates from the merchant Center feed.
  • In simple terms, PPC campaigns can be automatically updated & accuracy can be almost guaranteed based on keeping the inventory within the merchant Center fresh and up to date.

Sounds a bit scary? Well needless to say that this new feature will still require a certain amount of expertise and management, so feel free to get in touch or find out more about Banc Media’s Pay Per Click management services.