Don’t Delay! Get ahead during Summer

By Banc Digital

2 min read

The summer is over, Hurray!!!

Does it sound strange that I am actually looking forward to the end of summer? Maybe! However there is a very good reason for this.

Summer can mean nothing but more pressure on companies looking to secure new and repeat business; perhaps due to holidays, company restructures, fires, floods (yes, we have had all the excuses). We’ve been very lucky (and had a good pipeline) to consistently secure new SEO and PPC contracts throughout the Summer, but as any company from any industry will tell you, we will always want more. And summer and all the excuses that come with it, make it a harder slog.

So this raises the question, why?

Why do companies delay decision-making processes during the summer, when actually they should be looking to make hay while the sun shines? Sure the final quarter of the year is massively important to a lot of industry sectors, especially retail. But it baffles me how businesses that operate all year round don’t consider making changes to their Search Engine Marketing campaigns during their off peak times, to improve upon their previous results and get ahead of their inert competitors at this lucrative time.

I’ve spoken to several companies in the past that choose not to review their PPC and SEO activities because it’s a quiet time of year for their business or industry sector. Why should this always be the case? There’s always going to be individuals and businesses searching for what you have to offer, all year round.

Yes there will be more during your peak business times, but this doesn’t mean that there are no buyers available during your off-peak times. It also means that people are researching to possibly buy in the future. These are the ideal times of year to work on your SEO strategies to raise your brand awareness and be ready for your peak season.

A well managed PPC campaign will help you attract higher business volumes during your peak times, but why limit yourself to paid search results alone. Having the correct SEO strategy in place throughout the year will put you in top page 1 positions consistently, driving higher traffic volumes and sales throughout the year, as well as during your seasonal period.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something that should be entered into without thought at the last minute, expecting results straight away. There has to be a long-term strategy behind your company’s SEO ensuring your rankings and search traffic is obtained ethically and for the right keywords; those that will generate the highest revenues.

This is where Banc Media come in.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, whatever day, whatever time of year, as there is no better time to review your Search Engine Marketing campaigns than right now!

Andrew Edwards, Sales Manager