Conversion Up 260%. ROI Up 600%. That’s Facebook advertising for you!

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Banc Media clients are really getting into Social Media Advertising in 2011.

At Banc we have always worked with our clients to ensure that social channels are used to enhance their marketing campaigns.

In the past this has been in many ways. It could have been utilizing the benefits as part of a client’s SEO campaign, helping launch and manage twitter accounts to spread the word around the community amongst others.

A large focus of Banc Media’s core business is PPC.  We run several successful Facebook PPC campaigns too and have done for some time but we have experienced a greater uptake from clients wanting to explore this channel for the first time.

As we all know, Facebook has grown at a phenomenal rate and you’d be hard pressed to find a friend or colleague who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, I am also sure most of your companies have their own Facebook pages too.

From a Search Marketing perspective we are finding Facebook delivering a fantastic return on investment for our clients. In the past 2 months we have seen ROI’s of over 600%. This is only possible if the campaign is set up correctly and the features Facebook gives you access to are taken advantage of.  Although Google is still king (by a long way), if you want to try and target potential customers demographically it is not exactly easy.

One of FBs most useful targeting tools is being able to select by demographic. Facebook allows you to choose the age range, gender and what interests they have, amongst others. This is fantastic for clients. This means that their ads, and therefore the traffic generated by these ads are defined by the client, resulting in a greater conversion to sale. Conversion versus other PPC activity has been up to 260% higher.

It doesn’t stop there though. As with all forms of marketing and with every type of PPC campaign there are always improvements we can make. There is always an evolution within all of our campaigns and they are never ‘done’. With Facebook allowing you to show image and text ads there is even more testing of creative allowing us to squeeze every last drop of value.

Interested? You should be. Feel free to contact us any way you wish if you would like more information.