You Can Create Interesting Content Even if Your Industry Isn’t That Sexy – Here’s How…


At the heart of successful digital marketing lies a captivating content marketing strategy. For marketing managers in industries perceived as unglamorous, this may not seem like good news — how to create engaging content if your industry is, well, a bit unsexy?

If you’re glum about your prospects of making a splash due to a niche or “boring” product, we’ve compiled a few tips to ensure your content is engaging. And there’s not a cat meme in sight, promise…

A Helping Hand

We’re not all on the internet to blindly follow clickbait links like feral animals. Draw potential customers into the warming embrace of your website by making it a source of helpful information and guidance.

FAQs, video content and written guides relating to your industry, will attract interested parties as they seek answers and assistance. Even if the guides don’t directly relate to products you sell, it’s a case of getting the right people in the right place. Plus creating content around guides and helpful tips sets you up as an authority voice in your industry.

Any guides should be positioned in a simple-to-find location on your website, and all should include links through to the main page you want your visitors to explore as well as your preferred call to action.

Answer the Right Questions

To create audience-focussed content, it’s important to do a little audience research before pitching ideas and approaches. Tools such as Answer the Public can help you discover what questions your audience is asking. Simply pop in the focus keywords your brand is targeting, and the tool digs up the most common related search engine enquiries, split into ‘wheres’, ‘whys’, ‘whos’ and ‘whens’.

Once you have discovered what your audience is asking, provide the answers using the title phrased as the question. This will give search engines greater chance of realising that you’re answering the questions pitched in search queries.

Find the Interesting Angle

In my youth I created content for a company who sold a product so dull even the marketing manager sighed when he uttered its name. However, with a little research I managed to trace the invention of said product directly back to the great Ancient Greek mathematician and engineer, Archimedes — a man of great interest.

With this nugget of information in my top pocket, I was able to create engaging copy which reflected positively upon my client’s operations and still retain an interesting link to ol’ Archimedes. A win for the client’s website.

There’s an interesting angle to be explored for every product, service and industry out there — they’re just waiting to be exploited by the right content marketing team.

Repurpose Your Products

Remember when Top Gear tested out the qualities of the Volkswagen Fox and the Toyota Aygo by pitting them against each other in a game of Two on Two football? Maybe you caught the viral video by US appliances and electronics retailer, Aaron’s Inc, when they broke the world human dominoes record using their mattress stock?

These are just two examples of attracting interest in products and services by temporarily repurposing them in a non-conventional manner. Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed an absurd number of cars in his absurd semi-shouting manner — and reviews of the modest Fox and Aygo would have likely stayed on the BBC cutting room floor. By adding a unique twist to the review process, Top Gear attracted interest — to the tune of two million plus YouTube views — to these otherwise underwhelming cars.

Creating content around your products as the star of a show outside of their comfort zone could attract interest from potential customers who may otherwise be ignorant to your existence. Make it fun, light-hearted and relatable to your core audience’s interests and you could be onto a winner.

Piggyback on Current and Upcoming Events

Par example: You’re looking to increase exposure for your scouring pad production company with a heavy impetus on social media, but no one seems to be searching for your carefully placed #ScouringPads hashtag.

Concentrate your efforts on creating content relatable to current events which still possesses ties to your brand and services. This can enable the use of trending and heavily searched hashtags and popular search terms. Whilst it’s impossible to predict the news with any degree of accuracy, certain upcoming events could provide the perfect platform on which to construct a social media assault.

Upcoming films, television shows and sporting events of a certain stature are all likely to gain traction on social media channels — so the creation of a content marketing tie-in could pay dividends. A zombie survival guide (including your product, of course) in the wake of an upcoming zombie blockbuster, or a football-themed giveaway just in time for a major tournament will attract a larger audience than static blogs about your products and services.

Flesh Out the Customer Profile

If you’ve created a customer profile detailing the archetypal person visiting your website and the only info you can extrapolate is that they like your products and/or services — you’re doing it wrong. Flesh out the customer profile to include their likes, dislikes, habits and socio-economic grouping, to help you create content which appeals to the correct demographic and the correct individuals.

Even if you have to invest in a little primary research (an incentivised questionnaire sent to all existing customers, perhaps), the creation of a robust customer profile is an invaluable tool when creating content marketing.

Once you have a more in-depth understanding of your customers, you’ll be able to create content which appeals to people of flesh and bones. If your findings determine your customer base feels strongly about environmental issues, for example, create content which ties your brand in with this topic.

Only when you create for people, will your content resonate with people.

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