Banc’s SEO makes dreams come true!

By Banc Digital

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The Edward De Bono Foundation has received more business than they ‘dreamt of’ from Search Engine Optimisation by Banc Media.

The Edward de Bono Foundation UK is a charitable organisation set up to provide support to Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions by providing training to teachers on how to improve students Creative and Constructive Thinking skills, based on the teachings of Dr. Edward de Bono.

Follow the story as we review an excellent partnership between a Client and an Agency, working together for the same goal: achieving outstanding results. The study emphasises a number of exceptional SEO results, including generating business with 6 new companies in just six months.

Full Edward De Bono Foundation Case Study.

Some Keyword Positions include:

> Direct Attention Thinking Tools Position 1
> Parallel Thinking Position 3
> Cognitive Research Trust Position 1
> Six Value Medals Position 2