Banc’s Big Move

By Banc

3 min read

Unless you’re living under a rock (or at least don’t follow Banc on Instagram or Twitter), you’ll have heard the big news that we’ve moved home. From our stately home of just over four years, with its grand views over Old Trafford Cricket Ground, we have journeyed roughly 500 yards north-east to a souped-up ground floor office with space for three times the personnel (so now, I can finally get my much-needed personal assistant).

Yesterday (6 Feb) was our first day in the new office, enjoying its plethora of great features and bountiful space. In truth, the move has really highlighted just how cramped our old office had grown following the increase in company and team size. We’re all delighted to have swapped the caravan-esque old kitchen for one with room to slice a block of cheese without fear of chopping someone’s ear off.

Having moved into our former home as a team of just six, we’ve quadrupled in size over the four years and the office simply couldn’t handle another new starter. The copywriters were thrust out of sight into the former boardroom, meetings were being held in the reception, and the Monster Munch basket overflowed every Monday morning (empty by lunchtime Wednesday).

The move has been long mooted, with our directors, Martin and Neil, first eyeing up potential new homes well over a year ago. And after identifying a space which met our requirements (and didn’t necessitate a moving van) a paperwork and bureaucratic process which felt as extended as the Lord of the Rings Director’s Cut took place. After a lot of hard work, it’s all come together in a wonderful way, and Neil’s days are going to suddenly feel a lot emptier.

We’re excited to start welcoming our clients, contacts and friends to the office for meetings, catch-ups and chats. With far more space for meetings than before, a dedicated reception area with a massive TV, and better-connected presentation facilities – we’re looking forward to seeing friends, old and new. Also, we anticipate that the pool table will be a big hit with our visitors – and we’re currently trying to identify our in-house champ to represent us when challenged.

pool workplace

The move itself was an experience. Our old office proved to be something of a hoarder’s paradise with a truly spectacular amount of stuff amassed over the years – for a relatively small space, we’d managed to fit in a lot of guff. About half the team, a few friends and one DIY-mad husband turned out over the weekend to help carry everything down five flights of stairs, across an empty car park and into the new office.

From an empty shell on Friday afternoon, the office was somehow turned into a connected and very stylish working hub for 20+ digital professionals by Monday morning. There’s still a few finishing touches to be added through the week, but 99% of the move was completed over the weekend and all most important bits (Mac the Banc dog’s bed, etc.) have been installed. So, no disruptions for our clients.

Not everything made the move, however. One of our favourite pieces from the old office – a huge speed drawing from a digital conference proved too big to fit in the lift or manoeuvre down five flights of twisting stairs. In a scene reminiscent of Ross, Rachel and Chandler moving a sofa in Friends, three of us became wedged behind the drawing in the stairwell. The executive decision was made to destroy the drawing, so we karate chopped it to pieces right then and there.


So, now it’s business as usual for team Banc. Following a quick briefing over croissants this morning, we’re back doing what we do best – SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and CRO. We’re absolutely elated to be in our new home, and are confident this will be reflected in our work. It already feels like home, and reflects our position as a dynamic, growing business and an excellent place to work.


And hopefully it will be home for a good few years, I doubt Martin and Neil fancy experiencing the rigmarole of finding even bigger premises for some time yet.

Whether you’re looking for an agency to handle your digital needs, or want to pay us a visit in our new home, send us an email on