Banc Movember – Week One!

By Banc

2 min read


We are a week into November, more importantly one week down in #Movember and the work at Banc Media has been impressive!

We set ourselves a target of £100 per team member and £1000 for the whole team. We are proud to say we have already met and surpassed our target within this first week, having had some very generous personal and team donations this far.

There are some clear runaways in the team in the donation stakes, those who laugh a £100 target off after a day of fund-raising. Some of us though (including myself) still need all the help we can get and we really want to each be able to raise £100 at least to help all areas of men’s health.

The moustaches aren’t looking too bad either, you can see in our rogue’s gallery below how some are getting on, how some are struggling and how some are resembling school children. It’s a long way to go though and we will all do our best!

If you still don’t know, Movember is to raise awareness and money to help men’s health issues. Every penny helps and we are all spending the month growing moustaches to bring attention to our faces and putting a face to the issues.

If you’d like to support us here at Banc Media, or any of the issues Movember supports, you can visit our page and donate here. Pick your favourite team member or just be diplomatic and donate to all of us, we really do appreciate it and we may now have to set ourselves another target!