AdWords – You Snooze, You Lose.

By Banc

2 min read

Working within paid search, I’ve learned you have to keep on your toes. It’s a fast, dynamic industry with tools that are constantly changing, evolving or being removed altogether. This means that you’re unable to just learn your basic skills and then set out on your career, like with more traditional marketing roles.

You’ll soon find that if you don’t keep up to speed with industry changes, that your AdWords campaigns are behind the competition. With AdWords, if you snooze, you lose.

Whilst basic ‘bread & butter’ PPC remains the same – changing bids to achieve your KPIs, search query reports & ad testing – there are always new things happening under the surface. These changes often aren’t shouted from the rooftops. If you aren’t checking industry news or blogs, then there’s a chance you’ll miss some changes. Here are a couple of recent changes:

Google Shopping Automated Extensions suddenly crept on to the horizon. This means that the current promotion field for Google Shopping is going to be discontinued.

With no real alternative presented in its place, the new release hints to advertisers to adjust their shopping feed descriptions in order to allow the new ‘automated’ extensions to work.

Unknowingly losing USPs from your ads could have a detrimental effect on CTR.

Another change in the last month that appeared with little fanfare was the new reports suite (which has massive functionality). This didn’t get much of a song and dance either, but can now be seen here at the top of the page:

During the frantic day-to-day management, you might not even notice this small change. However, by getting involved in this new discovery, you might find all sorts of insights. The new reporting suite has all kinds of ways to bend and shape the data beyond what was ever possible (especially for those who aren’t masters in Excel – like me).

Bearing in mind that these changes were announced just within the last month, it gives you an insight into the frantic and fast-paced life of a PPC Marketer.

It’s of paramount importance to keep up to date on changes and industry news. You don’t want to get left behind in the dirt.

If you’re concerned you’re being left behind, the professionals at Banc may be able to give your campaigns a kick start. For more information, give the team a call on 0345 459 0558.