9 Stunning Office Designs to Promote Creativity (Apparently)

By Banc

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When I came into the office this morning, I was surprised to see a scene playing out like the one below between Martin and Neil.

As I enquired as to meaning of this show of extreme makeover masculinity, I was delighted to hear that the bosses have been hatching a plan to renovate the office – increasing the usefulness of the reception area and completely overhauling the boardroom. Understanding that my creativity peaks following a sweary Mario Kart competition, the bosses have ensured a host of consoles and games are being introduced for the team and guests alike to enjoy.

Not being the kind to simply have a shallow gloat about my good fortune, I’m tagging on a blog about stunning offices around the world which have been interior designed to promote creativity and staff happiness.

Google, London

The forefathers of the ridiculous office design, Google’s London office doesn’t disappoint with a wide range of funky features including a granny flat complete with rocking chair for quiet reflection and inspiration. If the team are struggling to get inside the spirit of Google, they can literally clamber inside a giant recreation of the logo.

Additionally, London’s struggling lampshade industry was given a substantial shot in the arm by the Google interior design team’s insistence that when one lampshade will suffice, six is preferential.

Selgascano, Madrid

Taking minimalism to the extreme (their website contains a link to their contact email and Google Image results), Madrid-based architects, Selgascano, have gone back to nature when designing their office space. A transparent tubular capsule located in Spanish woodland creates a truly unique working atmosphere. The office might look beautiful, but it’d be rubbish in Manchester with the constant rain driving down overhead.


Red Bull, Austria

Looking like a UFO, gently coming to land on a lake; the Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl am See in Austria is as striking and provocative as the brand. The energy drink company has long pushed the boundaries of marketing and brand representation – sponsoring skydiving from the edge of space and developing the Red Bull House of Art, proving to be divisive in almost everything it does.


Facebook, Palo Alto

Hosting dance parties, skateboarding events and sporting tournaments for staff – the Facebook headquarters (sorry, campus) in Palo Alto and the brand are so enigmatic they’ve been used as an inspiration for a thousand start-ups as well as the popular sitcom, Silicon Valley. With almost 10,000 people currently employed by Facebook, it’ll take a lot of Fussball tables to keep them all entertained (even when doubling up and playing 2v2).


Skype, Palo Alto

Not to be outdone by their noisy social media neighbours, Skype have also developed a charmingly unique headquarters in the Californian city of Palo Alto. Understanding the huge power of pebbles, the video chat company has extensively used them as seating to inspire creative thinking and elegant problem-solving. Or they’ve just half-inched a load from a quarry up the road.


dtac, Thailand

Thai communication giants, dtac, have approached office design from the same angle as every disgruntled employee planning their perfect office-cum-library when they devise a plan to free themselves from the rat race and set up their own (effortlessly profitable) operation. With a huge curved wall of books and publications, the office provides the perfect setting for quiet contemplation as they look to improve Thai telecommunications. Although I don’t have it on any authority, I’m pretty certain there’s an antique whisky decanter doing the rounds somewhere in this office.


Mind Candy, London

Unsurprisingly for the company responsible for Moshi Monsters, the Mind Candy office looks like a children’s play area with slides, bean bags and a tree house. Mind Candy’s assumption that acting and playing like children will help the staff think like children when developing new products looks to be paying off – Moshi Monsters currently has more than 80 million subscribers around the world. Although I’m still not entirely sure what a Moshi Monster is.


Hurley, California

Looking like the sketchbook owned by any one of the millions of teenagers they help dress; surf and skateboarding clothing company, Hurley, has developed offices which are decked out in colourful, asymmetric designs. Additionally, if you want to hear slow jams about how acid, burritos and surfing are the modern Holy Trinity, pop down the Hurley’s on-site music studio – designed for the staff to express themselves.


Nature is my office” – Douchebags

Inventionland, Pennsylvania

When you name your company Inventionland, you’re really putting the pressure on yourself to be incredibly creative in everything you do. Without wanting to be subjected to the derision faced by companies organising slapdash winter theme parks just off the M6, Inventionland created an office with caves, pirate ships and treehouses. Although it may be a bit of overkill, Inventionland.


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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: jingdianjiaju1, mtlblog