6 Useful Smartphone Apps for Business


There are times when we need to complete tasks very quickly on the go for business purposes. Many apps have come onto the market which can help us within a click of a button, giving us fast solutions for everyday workloads. A lot of us are frantically dashing around, trying to get our busy schedules running smoothly without interruptions or sudden problems. There can be moments where you’ll think,”Oh I forgot..” or “I need to get this done, quickly!” and time starts to run out.

Fortunately, I have listed 6 useful apps that help you in many different ways when it comes to business.


Are you busy trying to find your way through London on your quest to get to work? If yes, this is the app for you. Citymapper is a straightforward travel app which tracks your location and gives you a list of ways you can get to your desired destination. If you have a meeting in London and you can tell it’s going to be a hectic journey, this app will help get you there. Most of all, it can get you there safely when you are stuck and can’t think of how to get back. This app is only exclusive at the moment for travel within London, Paris, New York or Berlin.

The best feature about this is that it offers all possible forms of public transport, multiple routes, lists the price and also tells you approximately how long it will take you to get there. It can even offer you a “Rainsafe” route for when you are tackling the harsh London weathers on a rainy day. Business women will jump with glee at the thought of not having to dry their wet, once perfectly styled hair under a dryer before an important meeting.

I hope this app expands to more cities in the UK and there will be no more awkward encounters with strangers when asking for directions. Genius.

Available on-

iPhone – http://bit.ly/1qJ6lw9

Android- http://bit.ly/Qd2muL


Many people acknowledge amazon to be the online shop where you can purchase pretty much anything you want. Starting out selling mostly electronics and becoming famous for their tablets, they have branched out and now sell clothes, books, sports and many other categorised items. Now with the app, you can purchase items on the go and add to your basket or select a one-click buy, which automatically processes orders of what you want.

Amazon have also introduced ‘Prime’ – a service which you can try for a free 30 day trial or buy for £79 a year. This gives you access to unlimited free one day delivery, unlimited streaming of movies and TV on Prime instant video, just to name a few advantages. For a business, it helps you can create a company account to order those important office supplies so you never have to deal with running out of paper or ink. After transactions, you can track and view all past orders which makes the app an easy referral for company expenses.

Available on-

Website- http://amzn.to/1fMAbhV



Bitly is a URL shortening service founded in 2008. It is one of those apps that is so easy to get used to. Creating ‘bitlinks’ will become second nature so much that you’ll probably start to automatically open this app on your phone or your browser.

Instead of bookmarking hundreds of links onto your toolbar in your internet browser, this website now available as an app allows you to shorten links and save them into categories online. Linking through Twitter, Facebook or email, you can share your relevant business links to fellow colleagues without having to send instant messages back and forth. This will create a feed that informs you on links that other people you’re connected to are clicking on most.

You are also able to manage company accounts and even schedule posts. After this, you receive stats, telling you how many people have clicked on your shortened link.

Bitly makes it so easy to make your own categories of links for any use, whether it’s for business or sharing a great website with a friend. Everything is all in one place and doesn’t jam up your device’s speed. Plus, the little pufferfish mascot is just delightful!

Available on-

Website- http://bit.ly/RkpnfX

iPhone- http://bit.ly/1eQzhem


Camscanner pretty much does what it says in the name. The app turns photos into what look like scanned documents. This allows you to share these across different devices and it also saves you from having to purchase or fix a scanner for the office. After capturing your chosen document, you can also edit it with notes along with different settings such as marker pen, brush pen, ballpoint or even the classic quill. This will then import your document into a PDF, ready for sharing.

This app could do with improving a tad, due to the difficulty of getting your camera steady enough to capture a decent photo; however, it is brilliant for the convenience. This could work for anyone in a meeting who has notes they want to share or collecting copies of business receipts without having to scramble through your bag.

Available on-

Website- http://bit.ly/1j8rz57


Android- http://bit.ly/1gGDF3U


Microsoft’s OneNote app allows you to create notes and lists which you can edit to your heart’s content. These will then be available to view on any other device you have which has OneNote installed.
This is a brilliant app because sometimes, when we are on the go, we can get ideas in our head and don’t always have a notepad and pen to hand which is where this app steps in. Any thought, reminder or simple to-do list can be saved and organised, making it easier for you to be productive in day-to-day tasks.

If anyone wants to send you emails with business documents attached, don’t you worry about it. This app has taken that problem and eliminated it. It’s never been so easy to turn your tablet or phone into your smaller version of your PC or Mac. Now we can view documents en-route to meetings, or we can now link them to our WiFi and print if we forget our other devices.

Available on-

Website- http://bit.ly/1kT2WZx


Android- http://bit.ly/1jKHcOV


Oh, the lovely app that is Dropbox. I was first introduced to this app by my friend at University, who wanted to share and compare notes for our assignments. After explaining that it was free for the personal, yet generous, storage: I signed up immediately. After this, I began using it to send lecturers drafts of my work quickly, which sped up the process of getting feedback, ultimately improving my work development. Score.

Dropbox quickly became the Holy Grail for sharing business documents, which I do now.It’s easy to use and accessible across many devices, making it your go-to app for work. After you’ve signed up, you have the option to use it for a Personal or Premium Business account. From there, you can upload files, create folders and share them with anyone or no one; it’s entirely up to you. After the desktop download, you can access Dropbox via your documents, appearing below “downloads” which allows you to drag and drop documents which will update online too.

You can choose to add anyone to your folders, depending whether they work in your department or if it’s for overall office sharing. Once you have downloaded as an app to different devices such as your tablet or smartphone, you can view the documents on these too, making it suitable for when you are on the go. Simple and brilliant. This app has indeed become the easiest way of sharing files and a back-up for important documents.

Available on-

Website- http://bit.ly/1omU6Ea

iPhone- http://bit.ly/1hYmtTt

Android- http://bit.ly/1l7yb6b

Those were my personal favourites for the workplace that prove to be very usual amongst different types of businesses. Apps aren’t  just for games anymore, you can now share and edit your content on-the-go and that makes life run a little smoother, don’t you think? I have to say, having apps on-the-go seems to have helped improve productivity, making us multitask different devices all at once. Whether you’re a graphic designer or accountant, there will be an app out there perfect for the other, more filtered tasks you have to complete.

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