5 Ways to Optimise Your PPC for Christmas

By Banc Digital

2 min read


One of the busiest and most profitable times of year for millions of businesses worldwide, the Christmas period is notorious for its rocketing sales, never-ending deliveries and cut-throat online competition. It’s a these times, above all others, when simple tweaks to your Pay Per Click campaign can make all the difference.

Here are 5 simple steps to make sure you don’t get left at the bottom of the rankings this year. Take the time to optimise your online marketing with a carefully considered Pay-Per-Click campaign and set yourself up for success.

1. Set clear goals

Planning your user’s journey from the moment they click on your ad is vital to accomplishing a conversion. Once the decision has been made to click, you don’t want them simply landing on your homepage without direction. Instead, carve out a clear journey and take your potential customers from your ad right through to your desired outcome. Remember to focus on your call to actions (CTA) and ensure that they offer clear direction.

Top tip: Add a new festive landing page and tailor it for your visitors. What keywords attracted the user to your site? Make sure that what they’re looking for is easy to find.

2. Write your Christmas (keyword) list

It’s unlikely that Santa will provide you with a perfect set of keywords this Christmas. However, reviewing last year’s successful Christmas campaigns and those of your competitors will give you a good indication of what will work. Don’t forget to review this year’s festive trends and determine where your products or services sit best.

Top tip: there are numerous tools that help you follow trends online and on social media websites. Google Trends is a great place to start.

3. Amend and theme your ad content

Think creatively about your ad content: while your usual target market may be tie-wearing business men, you may want to target their wives doing their Christmas shopping online this year. Include enticing festive messages, make suggestions and dress up your ads with a sprig or two of seasonal holly.

4. Monitor behaviour flow closely

Monitor your data daily, if not hourly, and look at what works and what doesn’t. If something isn’t working, rethink it and try again. Analyse the behaviour flow of your users and use it to detect any areas which cause your users to navigate away from your site.

5. Pay attention to key dates

As Christmas Day approaches, adjust your keywords and ad content accordingly. If you’re catering for last-minute shoppers, let them know in your ads and highlight relevant information such as last day delivery dates and bookings.

Top tip: Remember to also think ahead to the New Year and start planning for January sales or New Year’s promotions.

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