3 Quick PPC Wins

By Banc Digital

2 min read

A PPC manager’s work is never done, with a constant cycle of keyword expansion, bidding, analysis & testing across thousands of keywords and hundreds of ad texts. This is why there are a few features in Adwords which may get overlooked.

I’ve identified 3 features which can improve your PPC results while not taking up huge amounts of your time…

1.    Ad extensions – Sitelinks, Location Extensions & Phone Numbers

As PPC is becoming more competitive the cost of search ‘real estate’ is more precious. If you have a high quality campaign and are appearing in the top 3 positions you can take advantage of this by adding in sitelinks similar to those seen in the SEO rankings. These can be used to promote top selling products, special offers or specific areas of your site. The sitelinks help increase the overall ad size and can help direct traffic to the most relevant pages increasing conversion.

Do you have numerous branches across the country? Are many people clicking through on your brand terms to reach the ‘contact us’ section? If you do, then location extensions are one way of helping to promote the closest branch to the searcher as well as reduce non-converting traffic. Location extensions appear for ads in the top 3 positions and include the specific store’s phone number, address and a ‘get directions’ link.

Most PPC campaigns are tracking online actions, be it a sale, sign up or download, but for some sectors this is not possible. If a large portion of your sales convert via the telephone then utilising the phone number extension could help boost these conversions. We recommend using a PPC specific telephone number so the sale can be tracked to the correct channel.

2.    Mobile Targeting

Mobile searches are continuing to grow, particularly with the launch of the iPad last year. In Adwords your campaigns are automatically opted into target mobile devices but how do they perform?

On our accounts we’ve found that mobile targeting tends to have lower CPCs and increased CTRs compared to the traditional search, with on-site conversion differing by client.

A simple check by segmenting the campaigns by device in the Adwords userface can quickly show the CTRs & CPCs when served on mobiles.

To cross reference how this traffic then converts there is now a mobile option within Google Analytics which breaks down on site performance by mobile device (iPhone, android) as well as mobile operators (O2, Vodafone).

If your site is performing well, set up a specific mobile campaign which will allow tighter control of the bids and allow for mobile specific creatives.

3.    Geographic report – Dimensions tab

Whether you are a national brand or only offer to particular locations then the geographic report can be invaluable. This can be found on the Dimensions tab > Select Geographic> Select date range & download.


You can then view performance via country or city, those areas which aren’t performing well can be excluded within the location targeting on the settings tab. Alternatively, you target high volume top converting cities within its own campaign.

These are my Top 3 Tips for a successful Pay Per Click campaign. For more updates, follow us on Twitter @bancmedia.

Emma Crowe, PPC Manager