2013 Achievements, 2014 Goals

By Banc Digital

2 min read


What a year 2013 was. At least in the world of SEO. Changes galore. More Pandas, more Penguins and even a Hummingbird thrown in for good measure (a bit like Caffeine, looking at semantic search).

In total there were 17 Major updates in 2013 and even though this is a lot fewer than 2012 (37) and slightly fewer than 2011 (21), we can’t help but feel like we’ve been battered! That’s probably because we have been inundated with calls from ‘keyword victims’ having seen their website plummet down the Google ladder and in some cases into complete oblivion.

So, we’ll take a deep breath, go out there and get on with trying to stay ahead of the SEO curve (think pushing sand up a hill with a colander) and at the very least supporting our client marketing campaigns with comprehensive, intelligent, thoughtful, strategic, insightful work!

The world of PPC has been somewhat quiet in comparison, although some new changes to Adwords in 2013 has seen the introduction of ‘Keyword Planner’ (replacing the old Keyword Tool) and the new Adwords Ad Format, Google Catalogs in Lightbox.

All in all, we’ve had a good year and by that I mean our Clients have had a good year. We’ve shaken many hands on contract renewal day and agreed increased investment from even the most frugal of customer as revenues are up from the Search Marketing channel year on year…again!

Because of increased client investment and new business wins (MCS, Healthtrack, Seveer, Flowtech to name a few) we’ve also had to grow the team and we have a number of roles we’re currently recruiting for in SEO and PPC. And this will be the format for 2014. In fact we’ve started already strong with some new clients who we talked to in Q4 2013. Funding is now in place and contracts are being signed.

What else for 2014? Well we are developing the social media output. We currently advise on this within our SEO product and as it becomes more and more valuable to our clients, so we are responding by adding more resource to social marketing and developing the product as a more robust marketing tool…more to come on this later.

All in all we are excited about what 2014 will bring. We’ll no doubt have to jump when the Google algorithms update. We’ll also have to improve the PPC efficiencies to ensure competitive advantage for our customers.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to building a larger, stronger team of Search Marketing specialists. We have already assembled an incredible team of talent and we won’t rest on our laurels in our search for excellence. We’re hiring apprentices too, so that we can train and build the next generation of executives and with youth comes exuberance, creativity and excitement. It’s what keeps us all young, I hope!

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