10 Great Content Ideas for Your Company Blog

By Banc Digital

3 min read


It’s easy to post interesting, engaging content on your company blog if you have something exciting to talk about or sell, but what if you’re struggling to find something to write about?

A lot of companies will post boring articles simply to have updated content on their blog, By “boring” I mean obvious filler content. If you post something that is possibly a fairly dull topic, but does actually inform your customers then that’s fine. I’m talking about unnecessary content that doesn’t add value and is there to simply fill a gap.

When in doubt, think about what you would want to read or see on someone’s blog.

Here are ten great content ideas for your company blog:

1. Videos

Do you have videos on your blog? If not then maybe consider putting some up. They are engaging, informative and shareable. You can showcase your products or introduce your customers to your staff. Putting a face to the name is a great way of giving your company a human element that people can relate to. Youtube and even Vine are great platforms for hosting video content and will break your blog up so that it isn’t too content heavy.

Another great idea, with regards to video, is posting the outtakes. This can be really funny, but also doesn’t detract from the product itself. Win win!

2. Listicles

Listicles are brilliant (not that we are blowing our own trumpet here, of course!) People don’t usually have time to sit and read wordy blog posts so bite size facts and figures are perfect, especially for those on the go. Think pub trivia-style. Even if they only tenuously relate to your product, they will be engaging and encourage people to look more into your company/product or re-visit your site.

3. Seasonal posts

A simple, but effective method is to relate your blog content to seasonal or newsworthy events. If it is Halloween then post content or an image-led piece that can tie in your products, but create something shareable. Similarly, if it is Christmas then why not create an interactive game and maybe attach a competition? Customers can potentially win prizes and you get people visiting your site regularly. Do it in conjunction with a charity and you have a fantastic piece of content right there!

4. Facts and Figures

Teach your audience. With facts, figures, science or just cool images. If you tell people things they are unlikely to know (without patronising them) you will get them to share your content. Good old Will Shakespeare added 1700 words to the English language such as “swagger” and “torture”. Who knew?! That’s why we owe it to him to create quality content and use as many of those words as possible!

5. Company stories

Share information about your staff. If they have got involved in a particular scheme (see our cycle to work post here) or have done something wacky for charity then your customers want to know about it, especially if there are funny photos accompanying it.

6. Guest Authors

Approach experts and leaders in your industry and ask them to write about an interesting topic for your blog. Guest blogging has the potential to expose both sides to new, engaged audiences. It’s also a great way to get really high-quality content on your blog. Win win.

7. Customer Feedback

Listen to your customers. Encourage them to submit questions or comments and respond to them via a blog post. This allows you to respond to them in a transparent manner. People like thinking they have been listened to so this is a great tactic for engagement and customer retention.

8. News

Do you regularly check Google News, and other sources, for relevant stories about your industry? If not: do so! Updating your blog with industry news is a great way of adding diversity to your content, and also helps improve organic search traffic.

Is there a national news story that you think affects your industry? It’s worth noting that you can bring added value to news stories by writing up stories w

9. Introduce Your Colleagues

Pick of the week/person of the week etc. These are a fresh approach to commenting on a certain topic or product. They should attract new followers and encourage regular followers to return. Make them a bit tongue-in-cheek for a better response. Adding humour to most things (or cute animals) will always fair better with customers.

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10. Image-rich posts

Imagery is vital if you want to create a social buzz surrounding your blog. Rich images of your product or funny gifs will instantly boost your visitors. Keep it related to your customers and your product, but essentially entertain them as well. Whilst people believe images should probably sit on other sites such as Instagram etc, it is important to have them on your actual site. It gets the right people onto your site and is much better for SEO value than being hosted elsewhere.

There is so much fun to be had with content creation so don’t pigeon-hole yourself and enjoy it! People respond better to passionate companies who don’t take themselves too seriously, but get the job done.