Front-end development

For tailored, immersive web layouts, our Front-End Development experts have you covered.

What we do

Our Front-End Developers are responsible for your website’s visual architecture, building powerful web assets that bring brands to life. Skilled and highly knowledgeable, we’re well-versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, translating designs and wireframes into bespoke, immersive websites.

Whether it’s a brand-new website or a custom-made app, Banc’s Front-End Development team ensures high-quality results whatever the device, offering tailored solutions that remain in-line with the plans you have to take your business to the next level.

How we do it

Bringing data and design assets to life, our talented Front-End Developers can:

Convert design into development
Solve user issues
Offer continuous support and maintenance
Adapt to new coding best practice
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Front End Development 1 Front End Development 3

What we are about

Cross-browser compatibility
Responsive layout
UI/UX optimisation
On-page SEO
Cross-platform optimisation
Modern frameworks
CSS preprocessors
Asset optimisation
Valid markup and code