Want to build a brand with impact? Our Branding specialists can transform your business with meaningful digital assets.

How we do branding

Great branding speaks to the head and the heart. From what we see to the words we read, a strong brand has the power to make connections that really count, plugging audiences into your business and switching on what works in a big way. It’s that emotional pull that lets our creations bring out the best of your brand and really connect with your audience.

Whether it’s stronger, more memorable messaging or imagery that packs your values with a real visual impact, our work resonates. And since people think just as much as they feel, we’ll weave in-depth research into the process too. By blending creativity with detailed, data-driven insights, we’ll get to work on crafting stand-out assets that become the key link between your business and your customers.

How we measure your success

A branding project doesn’t stop once it’s been signed off. Once your assets are live, we’ll keep a close eye on how they’re performing, so we can measure their success. Take site visits, conversions and other core metrics, for instance. By investigating your numbers before and after your rebrand, we can gauge the impact your new look has on your audience.

We’ll do the same with your audience and stakeholders, too. Once we have the lay of the land from their perspective, we can compare their thoughts and feelings pre- and post-rebrand. Insights like these clue us in with vital information, allowing us to weigh up the success of your branding so we can see if we’ve captured the personality, values and essence of your brand just like you’d envisioned.

How we get you there

There’s more to a rebrand than a fancy new logo or a change in colours, starting with the Discovery Phase.

We'll get under your skin to create a proper brand strategy that understands the core of your business
We'll explore your brand, people and competition, putting ourselves in your shoes
No superficial decisions or quick fixes, but actions that are grounded in what works best for you
We can help with everything from a fresh colour palette to a total rebrand, complete with shiny new brand name
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