EF-group (formerly e-foods) is a subsidiary of FTSE 100-listed Compass Group, under its FoodBuy division.

From healthcare to hospitality, schools to large commercial sites, the business ensures sectors of all kinds stay stocked up through a range of procurement and supply management services.

“As the business evolved, the EF-Group senior leadership team were keen to build a brand that truly reflected their output. We stripped it all back, and really got to the core of the business, and produced a new brand presence and identity they loved.”


What the client thought they wanted

When they approached us, EF-group was a square peg in a round hole. What they wanted to achieve as a business, and the way they positioned their communications were no longer a match for each other.

In other words, it became difficult for ideal customers to identify with their brand as they pursued higher-value contracts and business. Marketing-wise, things needed a change.

What we realised they needed

Originally, EF-group contacted us about a new website. Through close consultation, we formulated a full digital transformation strategy to help them climb the client value ladder.

Through a complete brand overhaul which unified their diverse business units and offerings – and a new website integrated with HubSpot – we crafted a refreshed digital presence which better spoke to their target audience and gave them the tools to acquire and nurture leads online.

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What we did for them

What didn’t we do for them? To redefine EF-group and better understand their current position, we went in-depth. Audience research, competitor analysis, face-to-face talks with key figures within the business.

All of it went towards creating a brand personality that captured their vision, values and insights, which we then translated into a brand strategy document that truly reflects what the business is all about.

Alongside this, we also amplified their visual language through a complete rebrand and site redesign – complete with a stronger palette and new visible elements, such as a fresh typeface.

These creative aspects combined to create a brand that spoke to EF-group’s honesty, friendliness and the connections they make with their customers.

How it helped

Through this project, we were able to create fresh positioning and branding designed to raise EF-group’s profile across their industry. The bold and exciting site redesign then allowed us to reflect their desire to become leaders in software-as-a-service innovation.

And to make sure they were saying the right words to the right people, the unified brand guidelines meant consistent personality across their marketing and advertising.

Young Creatives Team Working Together

“I absolutely love working with BANC. Our businesses just gel and work really well together. Even if we’re having a difficult conversation, BANC always gets the job done to the highest standard, and the agency’s personalities really match the way we work. No tears at all, unless they’re tears of laughter of course!”