5 Content Marketing Tips for Engaging with B2B Customers

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b2b marketing
There’s a misconception amongst some content marketers that targeting B2B customers is more complicated than reaching their B2C equivalent. In reality, both B2B and B2C customers are highly nuanced groups who can be effectively targeted with a considered content marketing strategy. 

Team Profile: Chris Balme

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content editor
Having penned more words than Proust as Banc’s original copywriter, Chris ‘Bowling Arms’ Balme has since retired his calloused typing hands to take charge of content editing and social media duties here at Banc — lending his innate wit and good humour to proofreading, content management and topical hashtag creation…

5 SEO Insights that Every Content Marketer Should Know

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Content Marketing SEO tips
SEO and content marketing used to be the very definition of chalk and cheese; two separate disciplines helmed by two, often feuding, departments. But, while some individuals on both sides of the great content/SEO divide are yet to bury the hatchet, the two facets are now closer than ever —…

Large-Scale Site Redesigns Aren’t the Worst Thing in the CRO World

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CRO site redesign
One of the first things we’re taught as CRO professionals is the principle of testing small website design and structural changes in isolation. This ensures that when observing an uplift (or sometimes a drop) in conversion we know exactly what caused it. It makes sense - often after a costly…

Team Profile: Charlie Whitworth

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The Danny Dyer of the Cotswolds, SEO Director Charlie Whitworth is the affable, approachable face of Banc Media’s technical team. Assuming the role of surrogate father to younger, fresher-faced members of the SEO crew, Charlie has helped nurture the talent in his department with a kindness seldom shown in digital…

10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Copywriters

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copywriter celebrities
We noble copywriting few. We are not in the copywriting game for money, power, celebrity or sex – we answered our copywriting calling to help. Flying under the radar, often anonymous, often using slightly ridiculous pseudonyms; we exist to help connect people. The retailer with the shopper, the needy with…

7 Useful Tools to Help Improve Your In-House Copywriting

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copywriting tools
A craftsman is only as good as his tools, or so the saying goes. While Banc copywriters wouldn’t normally open a blog with such a baggy cliché, there’s some truth in this turn of phrase, and one that can be applied to most professions — be it butcher, baker or…

Team Profile: Jonathan Tuplin

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  With the poise, stature and stoicism of a colonial period Lieutenant General, copywriter Jonathan occupies his position in the corner of the writers’ room with a gravitas not matched by the rest of the rabble.