UX Lab

Our UX Lab analysis gets precision, data-driven insights down to a science.

What we do

By using interactions tested in real-time, our Conversion Optimisation specialists apply UX Lab analysis to gather in-depth information about your customers and their behaviour. The observations are used to improve your web presence, fusing the findings into every aspect of your digital offering.

Whether it’s site usability or your marketing collateral, no stone goes unturned, ensuring that UX Lab capabilities are maximised to better understand the ways your customers think, so that your site and their preferences stay linked together at all times.

How we do it

When it comes to user testing, our specialists utilise the following methods:

In-depth data gathering and analysis
Real-time testing
Data-driven performance enhancements
ROI optimisation
UX Design 1 UX Design 4
UX Design 3

What we are about

Identifying customer preferences
Determining the customer’s voice
Moderated user testing
Unmoderated user testing
Building cohesive customer journeys
Improved experience
Intuitive design
Front-end changes
Back-end changes