Paid Search

Turn conversions into customers with our targeted, optimised Paid Search advertising.

What we do

Banc’s Paid Search team finds the opportunities to properly develop Paid Search campaigns, optimising profitability, visibility and ROI where it counts. Through advanced tools and analytics, our in-depth projections and testing mean streamlined, refined Paid Search marketing campaigns.

Our Paid Search and PPC experts work with you so things stay flexible and effective, with regular reports and updates to ensure greater transparency on the way to meeting your paid search goals. Never static, our paid search team will continue to improve and refine the strategy, month by month.

How we do it

For optimised performance, our Paid Search team uses the following four methods:

Immediate and long-term win strategies
Advanced campaign effectiveness testing
ROI-focused activity
Proven performance improvements
Paid Search 1 Paid Search 2
Paid Search 3 Paid Search 4

What we are about

Paid Search strategy
Search & display campaigns
Prospecting & remarketing
Audience targeting
Ad copy optimisation
Landing page testing
Account configuration
In-house training
Risk calculation