Digital PR

Measurable, authoritative Digital PR that works - nothing but good news for your business.

How we do Digital PR

All good things come in threes. The same goes for our approach to Digital PR. By pairing it with Content Marketing and Tech SEO, we’ve created a potent trio that blends the best of each discipline into one powerful offering. Basically, we’ve got the gear that will optimise the exposure of your brand and business.

How do we do this? By reacting to what’s going on in your industry, keeping an eye on brand mentions, and using expert insights for extra clout, that all add up to fully-fledged Digital PR campaigns. We make sure to swerve black hat tactics like link buying too, so everything you gain stays within Google guidelines. Sounds like good news to us.

How we measure your success

High link numbers will only get you so far. And while isolated vanity metrics might be a good look for some, we prefer to take a different approach.

For us, success doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Things don’t end just because you hit a certain target. By linking our Digital PR to an organic marketing strategy made by folk who know their stuff, we look at the impact these links have on your page performance, specific keyword groupings, the relevance to your brand, and the amount of organic traffic hitting your site.

All this means improved organic growth, more mentions in the places that matter, new-found industry expert status and plenty of opportunities to get yourself in front of bigger and more diverse audiences.

Digital PR at Banc
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How we get you there

Our Digital PR strategies always begin with a healthy heap of research. By delving deep early on, we can understand your needs, scope out the best opportunities, and get to grips with the topics that journalists love to cover. From ideation to creation all the way to reporting on your successes, we’re with you every step of the way.

And because your brand’s reputation matters, we make sure that our PR campaigns stay in sync with your other content. Off-brand campaigns can give you quick wins, but the results are short-lived – and can do more harm than good in the long term. Instead, we go for a wide variety of topics your core demographic care about, before targeting heavyweight media outlets that are renowned, respected, and crucially, relevant.

As part of our strategy, we layer our Digital PR activity across three tiers:

  • Tier 1: The big hitters. Data campaigns, large creative pieces and interactive content that grab headlines and make for juicy stories.
  • Tier 2: Mid-level campaigns on a smaller scale. Think surveys, quizzes and visual pieces designed to focus on niche sectors of the media.
  • Tier 3: While we get to work on the bigger things, simple yet effective PR essentials like outreach, expert comments, and promotional offers keep your performance consistent.

Tailoring campaigns to your needs plays a big part in our strategies. But with a bit of mix and matching, these tiers mean consistent success without leaning on individual campaigns to do all the legwork.

The tools we use

No gimmicks, shortcuts, or half measures here. Increasing the power of our PR campaigns is just a matter of having the right equipment in place. Here’s what we pack into your new stories so we can optimise their performance.

Bespoke Media Lists

Tailored and extensive, our deep pool of contacts lets us put you out in front of a stack of PR opportunities.

Industry Knowledge

Our experience means you’ll benefit from our long-lasting journalist relationships, up-to-date knowledge of incoming trends, and fresh tactics to stop things from ever getting stale.