Content Marketing

Keep your audience coming back for more with engaging, performance-boosting Content Marketing.

How we do content marketing

The rule of three is a powerful thing. It creates patterns, simplifies ideas and has the power to persuade. Whether it’s used in a work of art, a scientific theory or, yep, even marketing, there’s a reason why three’s always been the magic number. It’s why we take the same approach to our content marketing.

At its core, our content marketing consists of three things: content production, digital PR and SEO. By linking them all together, we’ve created a trio of services that seamlessly blend with one another. And the best bit is, all three work in sync towards the same set of goals: yours.

How we measure your success

Every business is different. What might work for one client could miss the mark with another. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach here. We prefer to hit targets that are tailored to your specific goals.

Things like where your website’s at, your brand’s identity and what your wider business aims are. These all play a big part in creating KPIs for our B2B/B2C clients.

After we get to grips with your goals, we’ll weave these insights into a heavyweight content and SEO strategy – building a powerful game plan that’s unique to you.

And to see how you’re getting on, we’ll measure your success by looking at:

  • The amount of organic traffic your content’s getting
  • How users are engaging and interacting with your content
  • How you’re rising through search rankings
  • How many quality backlinks are pointing to your site
  • How much of the market you own compared to your competitors
  • Click-through rate gains from organic landing pages
  • How many of your leads become conversions

…as well as a whole load of other measurable KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition.

How we get you there

Before we begin creating top-notch content for you, we get the ideas going from the start of our relationship. That means putting your business under the microscope. We’ll dive deep into your market position, how your competitors are doing, and what your business truly wants to achieve.

See, Banc is big on putting things into context. Vanity metrics might look lovely and shiny, but their value soon fades. With context on our side, we prime you for growth with an organic marketing strategy that’s designed to flourish.

The same goes for our copy and editorial team. We don’t go for keyword stuffing here. With a ton of experience between them, our team creates visually engaging editorial content like blogs, interactive guides, evergreen resources and hubs, marketing communications and digital PR content – all with your goals in mind.

To wrap this all up, we use the latest project management software to let you know how we’re getting on at every step. You’ll have a real-time view of our tasks and work that lets you keep stakeholders in the loop, chat with us and offer up your own perspective so everyone stays on the same page.