Trio Healthcare

Manufacturing a range of care products and accessories for ostomates, Trio Healthcare are committed to developing innovative solutions that provide a better experience for patients.

By doing so, they go above and beyond to improve the comfort, skincare and quality of life of those using their products.

“With strict regulations and tight budgets, we certainly needed to be creative with our Trio Healthcare campaign. Thankfully, our efforts paid off, and the campaign has grown into a hugely significant one for BANC and for the client.”


What the client thought they wanted

Trio’s competitors were investing heavily into training sponsorships and clinical recommendations to increase awareness.

As a smaller player in its space, Trio didn’t have the means to compete in this way. Instead, they turned to digital. But they didn’t know where exactly to start. Luckily, we did.

What we realised they needed

For Trio’s audience, their challenges and pain points were, quite literally, a sore subject. We had to be sensitive to – and appreciative of – the things they deal with on a daily basis.

To do that, we needed to craft a strategy that well and truly highlighted the practical advantages of Trio’s product range compared to those leading the market.

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What we did for them

Across our Paid advertising messaging and on-site content, we made sure to emphasise the quality of Trio’s products. as well the tangible benefits they can create for their target audience. 

By doing so, we were able to boost engagement and create more positive outcomes for in-market leads.

How it helped

Trio’s lead volumes spiked massively, with them capturing more people expressing a genuine interest in their products, and growing their marketing database, all without going over-budget. In fact, our activity actually meant the business was able to cut their acquisition costs, while increases in organic traffic meant more people were flocking to the Trio site.

Pie charts experts

in-market leads delivered in target budget


reduction in lead acquisition cost


year-on-year increase in organic traffic

“The work we did for Trio was certainly challenging, but our previous experience in the healthcare industry meant we were never out of our depth. The copy and content team really shone here too, using their skills in a way that was mindful without losing any of the end results’ impact”.