SEFE Energy

SEFE Energy is the UK’s leading business gas supplier – providing a wide range of energy solutions to over 50,000 organisations, big and small, throughout the country, from commercial offices to manufacturing sites.

But it wasn’t always that way. Here’s how we helped take them from a new name to a titan of (energy) industry.

We’ve worked with SEFE Energy for over 6 years.

“Our work for SEFE Energy has incorporated almost all aspects of digital marketing over the past 6 years. The results of our work did not go unnoticed, with SEFE Energy’s parent company approaching us to work with them after only 12 months.”


What the client thought they wanted

A newly created brand with little presence in the market at the time, SEFE Energy approached us because they were losing customers to more established competitors during renewal periods – small windows where conversion was most likely.

What we realised they needed

It was clear that SEFE Energy needed to make more noise if their target audience of SME owner-managers were to take note. To achieve this, we needed to create an attraction strategy that was both sustainable, and which spoke directly to the concerns and daily duties of ideal customers.

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What we did for them

A potent mixture of Content, SEO & Digital PR activities enabled us to capture this same audience at other key moments along their journeys – interactions which have serious sway on the customer experience when done right.

We achieved this by targeting the audience’s secondary interests – something which we noticed none of their competitors were bothering with.

We went long-term in our approach, too. To make activity as effective as possible, our team launched Digital PR campaigns to increase SEFE Energy’s competitiveness, and created content journeys at every step along the way towards conversion.

How it helped

Our actions grabbed the business some huge wins – pushing their messaging and content to the desired target audience, pulling customers away from SEFE Energy’s competition, and acquiring new customers as a result.

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increase in organic energy quotes


increase in organic traffic


backlinks/coverage through Digital PR

“We very much see BANC as an extension of our marketing team, which is exactly what marketers need from an agency. They are diligent, reliable and just plain brilliant; we’ve seen some outstanding results since implementing their campaigns. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses!”

Sarah Parry, Marketing Manager SEFE Energy