Scenic Cruises & Tours

Scenic is a luxury river and small-ship expedition cruise provider.

BANC worked with Scenic and sister company Emerald Cruises for 4+ years, where we outperformed each of Scenic’s targets and KPIs year-on-year.

In fact, they loved the work we did for them here in the UK so much, we were also awarded Digital Marketing for their US territory too.

“We were tasked with improving the digital performance across a product which has a typically digital-last approach. A mix of paid, organic and social along with high-quality content vastly improved Scenic’s digital presence.”


What the client thought they wanted

Scenic wanted a wider audience, including appealing to more people who were new to the world of cruising. They also wanted to net a greater share of a growing market compared to their competition. To do this, Scenic wanted us to increase the size of their digital footprint.

What we realised they needed

During the research phase, we discovered that Scenic was actually better value than its competitors.

So, to get them to their destination, we decided they needed a strategy that focused on grabbing the attention of an audience that was both new to cruises and had one eye on value from their travel experiences.

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What we did for them

To take care of attracting this new audience, we planned out a PPC and Conversion strategy that would soon have first-time cruisers plotting a course towards Scenic’s site.

We also made sure to deploy a full Organic marketing mix to reach this same audience at all touchpoints of their journey. To do this, we got to work creating inspirational, info-packed content and Digital PR campaigns that would reel in users new to the brand.

We didn’t settle there, though. To properly optimise a roadmap that aligned to future booking targets and each year’s annual touring calendar, we held regular strategy reviews so we were always able to identify new opportunities on the horizon.

How it helped

The work we carried out got Scenic’s phones ringing off the hook with way more calls as a result of their PPC.

Their conversion rate and organic traffic also saw a huge increase, and thanks to our Digital PR coverage, it was nothing but good news for the brand.

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more calls YoY from PPC (within target cost)


improvement in conversion rate


increase in organic traffic

“BANC always preempted Scenic’s wants – demonstrating a deep understanding of industry requirements and challenges in ways that meant we never had to extract information from BANC. There was always proactivity and a speed in turning things around. It felt as if BANC was an extension of our team. They weren’t just sitting on the periphery.”