Renowned for creating contemporary clothing infused with luxury, creativity, and sustainability, Sahara London brings unique artisanal items and curated designer ranges to women’s wardrobes through both its website and the brand’s boutiques across the UK.

We’ve worked with Sahara London for 3 years across Paid Media and SEO.

“In an ultra-competitive industry, we’ve been able to position Sahara front and centre in front of their incredibly well-defined target audience. This has helped them maintain a high level of online sales and digital presence.”


What the client thought they wanted

Sahara London approached us looking to increase their online revenues and bring in more customers more affordably – all in a way that synced up with the business’ ideal customer costs.

What we realised they needed

Working with us during a time when the retail climate was turned on its head thanks to COVID, it was clear that people’s spending habits had changed. With this in mind, new trends had a role to play in the direction our strategy would take.

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What we did for them

By keeping our Paid activity diverse, adopting Smart Shopping campaigns to create individual, customer-specific ads and using promotions to their fullest, our strategy made for a real mix of tactics.

And through a combination of prospecting, retargeting and remarketing, we were able to drive users back to the site to make purchases – with coverage throughout the whole customer journey.

How it helped

With this varied activity at the heart of our strategy, our campaigns saw greater returns on advertising spend, more customers parting with their cash – and ultimately, bigger increases in revenue for Sahara London.

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increase in transactions


return On Ad Spend increase


revenue increase

“Timing played a fairly decent part in us working with Sahara. It was a weird time for the whole world, but our work here showed just how adaptable BANC can be at turning things around for the better. We’re pretty chuffed with how things turned out working together”.