National Fostering Group

National Fostering Group is the UK’s largest independent fostering agency — with over two decades of experience in foster care appointments.

We worked at Group level with them, taking responsibility for Digital Marketing across all brands.

Find out how we boosted their presence among prospective carers, below…

“We were delighted to partner with the National Fostering Group – such an important organisation making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable young people. Our multi-faceted approach brought their efforts in front of relevant new audiences, and helped bring people together.”


What the client thought they wanted

The National Fostering Group were doing great work, but they were struggling to attract new carers through their websites. With no digital strategy to speak of, the agency found themselves a little lost, lacking the resources to deal with growing demand for placements.

What we realised they needed

A proper audit of what the business was doing online was essential.

Taking a fine-tooth comb to their digital capabilities, we put ourselves in the ideal position to formulate a marketing strategy which would attract new carers in droves.

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What we did for them

The Group’s websites were feeling a little, well, dusty. Their dated platforms were clunky and slow, turning away carers when they should’ve been converting them.

To reverse this, we replatformed the websites onto WordPress, and created a smoother and more streamlined user experience geared towards generating leads.

We put a full Digital Marketing mix into action too, an approach that included:

  • SEO, Content & Digital PR to improve awareness around fostering opportunities
  • Paid Media to drive the hottest of leads
  • A/B Conversion Testing to consistently improve performance

How it helped

With our strategy underway, the Group soon started seeing positives. Not only did fostering enquiries really flourish, organic traffic across their many sites increased massively, with conversion rates far exceeding previous numbers. All that while keeping their acquisition costs down, too!


increase in enquiries


increase in conversion rate


reduction in Paid acquisition costs

“Our work for the National Fostering Group is a great example of showing how extensive our approach is. We didn’t just improve their UX or bolster traffic. We combined everything to make sure our results were as far-reaching as they could be”.

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