05.10.2023 - News & Insights

Add Less Noise: Not-So-Quiet on the Concept Front

By now you’ve probably seen Add Less Noise all over our rebrand collateral. You’ve also probably wondered what it means exactly, too. For one, it’s a bit of an odd combination of words; how does an agency go about adding less noise? How does anyone go about adding less noise for that matter?

There’s a lot more to Add Less Noise than the kind of wordy jiggery-pokery that gets creative types all excitable. Just like everything else we’ve done over the course of our rebrand, there’s plenty of reasoning to back up our decisions. So, let’s dive into the concept in more detail below…

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What is Add Less Noise?

Add Less Noise emphasises the core values of the new BANC. It’s about cutting through the complexities of digital marketing, doing away with the jargon, and leaving egos at the door.

Instead, we’re emphasising the concise and highlighting the human side of what makes the relationships with our clients so special. We’re taking out the unnecessary – without detracting from the things that actually matter.


Why we decided to Add Less Noise

Add Less Noise comes out of the competitor analysis the rebrand team carried out early on in the project’s life. There were certain patterns and trends that appeared which we knew we wanted to steer ourselves away from.

A focus on wordy jargon was one of them. Coldness and distance were two more. At the other end of the spectrum were bombast and arrogance – and we knew we wanted to avoid those things too. BANC has always prided itself on being warm and friendly, but confident to go along with both of those qualities. Pivoting to cockiness just so we could run with the pack wasn’t what we wanted to do – and we’re sure everyone who works here agrees with that.

We saw all of those things as unnecessary to the client experience. Jargon’s too alienating for clients, and a chore to sift through. Coldness and distance don’t help anybody. And if things don’t land sunny side up, then the lofty claims that come with bravado only make for egg on the face. Nobody needs that kind of embarrassment.

What we do to Add Less Noise

Turning down the volume on what detracts from the client experience is just one part of it. We make sure we’re adding to the overall experience through the following pillars:

Partner, not provider

There’s a real power in partnering up with our clients. And since you aren’t buying our time, we’ll give you real knowledge, experience, and expertise in exchange – all delivered with the prowess of a seasoned consultant. No off-the-shelf solutions for one-off jobs here.

Experts, not egos

Brash and big-headed isn’t the BANC way. Instead, you’ll get expertise and experience from a team of digital marketers who let their hard work do the talking instead.

Honest, human relationships

We’ve built up a team that values integrity and honesty across the company. It’s the same approach we bring to our clients. We put the work in by investing in them as a business and as people, bringing kindness and empathy into the mix from the first time we touch base. 

Inclusive, not exclusive

With a flatter structure and a silo-free workforce, everyone gets their time to shine. By bringing our best selves to the table, our clients benefit from a variety of combined skill sets and a whole heap of fresh ideas.

Clarity, not confusion

We know you don’t have the time or patience to wade through pages of jargon that read like Wikipedia articles. It’s why we’ve kept things simple and straightforward, so you come away with a clear understanding of what we’re all about, whatever you read from us.  

BANC website on a mobile phone

How it connects to the visual identity

That diagonal line you’ll have seen across our new assets? That symbolises the journey we can take clients on. Think of it as an upward trajectory, a door opening, and a missing piece being revealed. It means progression, momentum, and completeness.

This stylised diagonal line also “cuts” through layouts and visuals to show to-the-point messages, a distinction between ideas, and the dynamism which our team has plenty of.

Thinking of rebranding?

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