Why isn’t my Facebook content making a big enough impact?

By Banc Digital

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5 simple tips to help you create more impact with your Facebook Page updates.

The following is a guest post from James Smith, a professional copywriter from ArticleWizard.co.

After numerous checks and rechecks, you’re thankful as you finally click “Post”. As you sit back proudly you breathe a huge sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that the hours and days spent making this superb infographic, blog post or video will yield excellent results and user engagement on Facebook.


But then, something strange happens… Nothing. No likes, no  comments, no shares, and a shamefully low number of views. Disaster has struck, and you can’t understand it.

Frustrated and angry, you assume there  must be something wrong with Facebook and you search Google for a list of potential reasons for the lack of interest.

Thankfully though you need look no further. There are simple answers to your  common questions like “Why do my posts not show up on Facebook?” or “Why  isn’t my Facebook content ranking higher?” and they’re posted here in this  blog. The tips they include are straight-forward and can be implemented in your Facebook campaign today.

Here are 5 reasons why your Facebook content might not be making as big of an impact as you’d like:

1. You’re not provoking people’s emotions

If people aren’t being moved emotionally in some way by your content then it’s not going to be successful. Facebook measures this by using a built-in algorithm to calculate the number of likes, comments and shares your posts have. If people aren’t engaging in your posts the liklihood is that you’re not given them any calls-to-action or reasons to respond. A simple “What do you reckon?” or “Agree or Disagree?” can go a long way to encouraging people to actually engage with your content.

A further way to stir up emotions is to challenge your viewers. A Surf School for example could post up a picture of a surfer riding a 7ft wave with the caption, something along the lines of: “I doubt you’ve ever surfed a wave this big!”. An emotional response will be provoked and users will be way more likely to interact.

2. You’re not adding enough value

People are busy. Their Facebook walls are packed with both things they want to read, and spammy nonsense they don’t. Don’t find yourself slipping into the nonsense column by simply re-posting other people’s old content or creating dull, uninspiring, unhelpful stuff.

In 2013, it’s essential that you add value to people’s hectic lives. You can do this by making your content one or more of the following things: educational, entertaining, useful, informative, insightful or thoughtful. Spend time to create something special that people would actually want to spend time viewing and interacting with.

Another way to add value is to be a giver. Give away information, give away your time, give away some of your top trade secrets, give something, anything! Being a giver will ultimately build consumer trust in your company, and consumers are well known for buying from companies they trust.

3. You’re not checking the clock

According to a recent Bitly blog post: “Links posted from 1pm to 4pm result in the highest average click throughs. The peak time of the week [is] on Wednesday at 3pm. Links posted after 8pm and before 8am will have more difficulty achieving high amounts of attention. And avoid posting on weekends.” If you’re not keeping an eye on stats like this or checking your Facebook Insights Page to see exactly what times and days your followers are logging on, then you could be posting at completely the wrong times. This will leave your effort-filled content unseen, unloved and forgotten about.

4. You’re not giving viewers what they want

Found inside Facebook Insights are some very useful, details and precise stats about which type of posts your viewers are enjoying and engaging with the most. You can see if they prefer Images, Video, Blog posts, or Links etc.

Give your audience more of what they like and less of what they don’t.

5. You’re not utilising Facebook Ads

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve a Toilet Cleaning Business, a Car Dealership or a Dental Health Clinic, you can’t afford not to be using Facebook Ads.

Regardless of the fact that you might already be spending money on print, TV or radio advertising, Facebook Ads are something every company should look to take advantage of. Not only are they very, very cheap (you can see good results from just £2 or £3 per day) but they’re also incredibly effective as you can get a very targeted demographic of people you wish to advertise to.

Thanks to Facebook user’s willingness to share their hobbies, likes, places they’ve traveled and current locations on their pages, you can be very precise with exactly which type of people see your ads, and in which locations.

You can create general ads, or boost specific posts, and they will only be seen by people who’ve already expressed an interest in your niche. In which other form of marketing can you absolutely guarantee that?

These are 5 of the simplest tips that you can take onboard today to make sure that your Facebook content gets as much coverage as possible and makes an impact in your niche. It’s true that Facebook is an unsophisticated, simple tool to help gain maximum exposure for your company, but if not used smartly or in the right manner then your Facebook page will not be getting the best results possible.

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