Website Page Speed: Why It Matters and How to Improve It

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The road to high website ranking is paved with all manner of things that can both accelerate performance and act as speed bumps along the way. Of the myriad factors that can bolster page ranking, website page speed is something of an SEO hot potato right...

Which Website CMS is Right for Your Business?

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Digital Marketing notes on CMS systems
Choosing the right CMS for your website can be a real head-scratcher. Usability, functionality, limitations, cost; there are many things to consider before getting to the business of building your site, so deciding which platform is best can be a challenge....

Abandoned Carts Break Hearts: A CRO Love Story

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Hi, I’m a user who’s landed on your website. I’ve browsed around for a while, visited a few product pages and now I’ve taken the plunge and added one of your products to my basket. What are the chances I’m now going to go all the way through...

9 Out Of 10 People Agree – Social Proof Works

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However independent we think we are, we’re pretty needy at heart. So, whenever we’re not sure what we should do next in a given situation, we tend to look to those around us to guide our decisions.

5 CRO Takeaways from NUX5

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  Myself and Josh from the Banc CRO team went to the fifth annual NUX conference here in Manchester last Friday. Here's our five takeaways from the event, complete with obligatory blurry shots of the presenters’ slides to prove we were there.

The Importance of Responsive Design

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Making your website accessible for as many of your potential customers as possible is crucial. Not only does this maximise the profitability of your website, but it also increases brand awareness and improves brand management immeasurably. A responsively...