What is Evergreen Content and Should You Create It?

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image of dense forest
Evergreen content – sounds self-explanatory, right? Like its namesake, this type of content is designed to endure whatever the season or climate, providing long-term value for your site visitors and customers. But publishing evergreen content isn’t...

Your Site’s Been Penalised – What Should You Do Now?

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Google Penguin and Panda Update
Google penalties occur when a site breaks Google’s guidelines. They’ve been around for years and pose a huge risk to organic search performance. Google issues penalties for lots of reasons, including suspicious links and duplicate content, and a site...

Digital Marketing Jargon Glossary for Small Businesses

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Confused - CollegeDegrees360
I’ve worked at Banc as a Copywriter for close to two and a half years now, and I’m still sometimes confused by the technical terms our SEO and PPC teams drop into conversation. The fast-moving world of digital marketing means you’ve got to be on...