YouTube: Expand Your Paid Search Campaign

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As Google paid search becomes continually more saturated and CPCs increase, businesses are diversifying their PPC strategy with YouTube video ad campaigns. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd most visited website worldwide and is continuing...

Best Social Responses to Company Gaffs

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Ryanair Brendon Keary
Ryanair’s social decorum was tested earlier this year, after its ground crew were spotted carving a not-so-angelic snow angel at Dublin airport. With the care, accuracy and professionalism of a classroom doodler, a rogue Ryanair baggage handler crafted...

I Heard It Through The… Vine

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  Most of us are fully aware of Vine and the influence it has had on the Internet. We’ve laughed at twerking cats and pranks but believe it or not, Vine can gain you some serious brownie points when it comes to business. Here are a few reasons...

The Dos and Don’ts of Business Social Media

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As everyone knows, social media gives people an opportunity to share their opinions and life with one another. Businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to interact with their customers across multiple platforms, gaining relationships and business. However,...