SEO in 2013 – the Top 5 Highlights

By Banc Digital

1 min read


It is no secret that SEO is in constant, somewhat dizzying flux. Pivoting around Google’s search algorithms, common SEO practices have changed as tweaks and wholesale changes are made to the search engine behemoth.

As we begin 2014, let’s take a quick look back at the top 5 highlights of SEO in 2013:

1. Google unleashed Penguin 2.0

2013 saw an all-new version of Google’s Penguin, with update 2.0 in May and 2.1 in October.

This change saw the punishment of ‘black hat’ SEO tactics – the practice of purchasing backlinks from low-quality sites – reaffirming Google’s no tolerance stance against spam.

2. Google Panda championed quality

This year, Google Panda updates have placed high-quality sites at the top of the search results, shunning their low-quality counterparts in the process.

If your website has suffered, poor quality content is probably to blame. Shame on you.

3. Secure Search became standard

In 2013, Google secure search became the norm, allowing people to use the search engine without terms being recorded on tools such as Google Analytics.

For SEO, that means a lesser focus on keywords; a huge shake-up to the industry.

4. Hummingbird fluttered its wings

As one of the biggest and most fundamental changes in Google’s search algorithm, Hummingbird has turned SEO entirely on its head.

Google now credits itself with being more intuitive, by interpreting the meaning behind search queries.

5. Great content wins the race

Each and every Google update of 2013 has suggested one thing above all – we must generate high-quality, informative and relevant content.

And the way things are going, it certainly seems that Google will continue to reward authenticity above all else.

What are your SEO highlights for 2013? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.