The Most Important Things We Learned from SearchLeeds 2018

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searchleeds 2018 conference takeaways summary
For those unfamiliar, SearchLeeds is the North’s largest search marketing conference. The event’s remit covers everything from technical SEO to paid media, through to content marketing and digital PR – with a focus on actionable advice practitioners...

Page Speed: Survival of the Fastest

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  It seems like just yesterday that everyone working in the SEO industry was advocating for mobile search as the next big thing. Then we all blinked and now the world is working to catch up. Making sure that your website conforms to the demands of the mobile world is…

Team Profile: Charlie Whitworth

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The Danny Dyer of the Cotswolds, SEO Director Charlie Whitworth is the affable, approachable face of Banc’s technical team. Assuming the role of surrogate father to younger, fresher-faced members of the SEO crew, Charlie has helped nurture the talent in his department with a kindness seldom shown in digital marketing.

Local SEO 101: How to Improve Rankings for Your Business

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what is local seo
Competing online with the industry big boys can seem like an impossible task. How can your modest start-up or SME wrestle customers from the huge multi-national corporations? Surely their bottomless budgets and teams of business and marketing experts give them a massive advantage when it comes to reaching their target…

Jake’s Week with Banc Media

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At Banc Media we were recently joined for a week by SEO Director Charlie Whitworth’s younger brother, Jake, looking for experience of the workplace. Charlie was particularly keen to set him on genuine day-to-day tasks required by the Banc Media team (with correct supervision, of course) rather than binning him…

Not Just Another List of BrightonSEO Slides

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As avid readers of the Banc Blog will have seen last Thursday, our SEO Manager Charlie Whitworth and his trusty sidekick, Business Development Manager Richard Yarwood, descended on Brighton for the town’s ever popular bi-annual SEO Conference. Read...