Real-time SEO and Twitter

By Banc

1 min read

We Blogged about Real-Time search back in December and it seems that there is a closer relationship between Twitter and Google, at least in terms of discussing the development of micro-messaging.

The challenge for Google it seems is to know which tweets are relevant, now. Hashtagging (placing a # in front of a term so that it becomes a searchable ‘hot topic’ on Twitter) makes this more difficult as the trending topic is surrounded by irrelvant tweets connected loosely to the actual relevant topic.

So Google will ensure hashtags are flagged up as a warning. Amit Singhal of Google says that they “look for the signal in the noise”! Signals include other topics close to the main topic that are getting a sudden boost in traffic, enabling highly relevant information in near real-time.

Of course, this won’t just stop at Twitter and in the near future real-time information on Google will be served from Micro-blogging, News, Blogs, Websites et al.