Team Banc Join Macmillan’s Longest Day Golf Challenge

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golf cancer donation
Always looking for an excuse to swap the office for the fairways, Banc’s directors, Martin and Neil, have signed up to Macmillan’s Longest Day Golf Challenge 2017. Golfing from dawn to dusk, Banc’s own Daly and Woods (we’ll let you decide who...

Not Just Another List of BrightonSEO Slides

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As avid readers of the Banc Blog will have seen last Thursday, our SEO Manager Charlie Whitworth and his trusty sidekick, Business Development Manager Richard Yarwood, descended on Brighton for the town’s ever popular bi-annual SEO Conference. Read...

Banc Takes to Two Wheels for Cycle to Work Day

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It’s that time of year again when thousands (32,396 according to official figures) of courageous commuters leave the car in the drive and dust off their trusty two-wheeler in honour of Cycle to Work Day – an annual event aimed at promoting good old...

The Eight Steps of Conversion Rate Optimisation

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CRO is the abbreviated term for ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ which is, in simple terms, the process of ensuring a higher percentage of your website traffic converts into a sale or enquiry. The product is completely separate from SEO, as we explain below, and the two can work most effectively when…

Banc is Six Today! So Who Didn’t Make it this Far?

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banc media
Today marks Banc Media’s sixth birthday, and to celebrate we’re going to indulge in a little schadenfreude and look at six of history’s monarchs, rock bands, TV shows and influential individuals who couldn’t quite make it to six years. It may...

10 People Having a Much Worse Blue Monday Than You

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The pseudo-science behind Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year according to Sky Travel) is just about believable enough to have emotionally-developed and well-balanced individuals sobbing into their All Bran this morning. For those of you...