New AdWords Ad Format Launched: Google Catalogs in Lightbox

By Banc Digital

1 min read

This week has seen another new feature launched within Google’s Lightbox ad format.

As of Tuesday, the launch of Google Catalogs has offered an extra dimension to its interactive ad offering, allowing users to connect with an advertisers digital catalogs on the web.

As we know, brands take on a heavy investment when it comes to creating attractive stories in their printed catalogs, and this latest move by Google is intended to migrate this practice over to the digital platform.

Google Catalogs in Lightbox allows users to flick through digital versions, checking out the latest products, prices, and visit unique product pages without ever needing to leave the initial page that they were browsing.

Advertisers will pay on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis – which means that they will only have to pay if and when a user decides to view their catalogue.

Brands will also be able to gain valuable insights of consumer trends – with metrics such as product views and page flips.

So far Google have seen positive feedback from publishers, advertisers and users, who have been taken by the detailed and engaging catalog experience.

Using existing PDFs & Google Merchant Centre feeds, advertisers have been able to create slick online catalogs within the space of a few hours.

Google expect this latest development to bring another traditionally offline media to the forefront of the digital age, creating scalable brand engagement across the web.

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