Monica’s Blog: Week 6

By Banc Digital

2 min read

First of all, I would like to thank all my regular followers for watching my blog posts and hopefully enjoying them. Now, due to high demand, I decided to extend my posts for more than just my first month at Banc Media. So, here’s week 6.

It all started really well. I posted my 1 month anniversary blog on Monday and started working on a Report where all our clients’ keywords rankings would be stored and compared throughout the periods. The improvements have been amazing: steady increases on a monthly basis, from a keyword position of outside the top 100 to the top 5 positions on the first page, most of them in just a couple of months!

While doing these reports, I couldn’t help realising how important inbound links are. One of our clients had a keyword ranked outside the top 100 but after anchoring that keyword from a link on a high quality and relevant website editorial, it went up to POSITION 3. How impressive is that?!

Then the weekly PPC reporting started. As usual, Clicks increased, leading to a higher Conversion Rate; moreover, Quality Score also increased which led to lower CPCs, thus the Total Cost was considerably decreased, resulting in a much higher ROI. What I really loved about these reports is that we don’t just put numbers, but also reasoning, actions and forecasts. Everybody can do numbers, but what’s behind the numbers is what really matters.

The next couple of days will be extremely busy since we must send our monthly SEO reports to all our clients. I already had a look at August’s performance and I was really impressed by the work of our SEO Department.

Just in case you were wondering when the MEN article will come up, I found out it’ll be on September 16th, so grab your copy early in the morning or you may lose out.  Look out, as there should be more to come in the weeks ahead.

So, yes, Banc Media is doing fantastically well, I’m still loving every minute of it and have fully enjoyed working here. I must finish by inviting you to read our PPC Christmas post and to have a go at trying the new Google feature: Google Instant.