How to Effectively Use Analytics Tools

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banc google analytics
Analysing, measuring and refining a digital marketing campaign is rarely the most exciting part of the process of increasing on-site traffic and conversion, but its importance cannot be downplayed. Digital marketing is wonderfully competitive and almost bewilderingly fast-paced, meaning it’s important that all campaigns and techniques are analysed and measured…

Getting The Most Out of Google Analytics

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Every Online Marketing professional can list you some ‘must have’ tools for your campaign, and I can guarantee that all of them will place Google Analytics at the top of that list. It is the most important tool you will ever use for your website....

Google Launches Platform to Help Online Merchant Management

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Google - Geoff Livingston
Recognising itself as a verb; Google has launched its new business directory, Google my Business, designed to help merchants centralise every aspect on their online presence and activity. The platform allows merchants to manage their search optimisation,...

Revealed: Origin of Mysterious Google Barges

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Google barges BAL0001 and BAL0010. Screenshot from KPIX TV, October 28, 2013. - Photo copyright CBS
It seems as if the mystery of the two unexplained barges located either side of the United States has been solved. Numerous reports have come out claiming that the four-storey structures will be used as corporate showrooms for Google and their respective,...