Website Page Speed: Why It Matters and How to Improve It

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The road to high website ranking is paved with all manner of things that can both accelerate performance and act as speed bumps along the way. Of the myriad factors that can bolster page ranking, website page speed is something of an SEO hot potato right...

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Customer Personas

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Meet Geoff. Geoff is 42, self-employed and has a wife, child, and a cockapoo called Winnie. He drives a Range Rover, wears a Barbour jacket and enjoys long country walks bookended by trips to the pub. You could say Geoff is wealthy and enjoys the finer things in life. Little…

Power of Price – The Psychology of Cost and Value

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My girlfriend and I recently moved house. In between arguments about how many scatter cushions and scented candles two people really need, we’ve gradually been filling our new home with furniture. Let’s talk about sofas. We recently spent an entire...

Abandoned Carts Break Hearts: A CRO Love Story

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Hi, I’m a user who’s landed on your website. I’ve browsed around for a while, visited a few product pages and now I’ve taken the plunge and added one of your products to my basket. What are the chances I’m now going to go all the way through...

Four Key Takeaways from the Conversion Elite Conference

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I attended the first ever Conversion Elite conference down in London on Thursday 6th July. Speakers included the legendary Craig Sullivan, Tim Stewart, Arnout Hellemans, Stephen Pavlovich as well as many more. Here, I’ve provided four key takeaways from the conference that you can use yourself.

How many A/B tests should you be running?

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how many a b testing should i run
A/B test volume is often a topic of discussion in CRO. If you listen to certain presentations at conversion conferences, you may be alarmed to hear that your competitors are running 75 tests each month. Does that mean they’re learning 75 times more...

9 Out Of 10 People Agree – Social Proof Works

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However independent we think we are, we’re pretty needy at heart. So, whenever we’re not sure what we should do next in a given situation, we tend to look to those around us to guide our decisions.