How to Supercharge Your Landing Pages with Structured Data

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Here’s a familiar scenario. It’s mid-week in the office, and your time is increasingly filling up with a veritable platter of tasks, requests and projects. You’ve a meeting at 3. There’s that important presentation for tomorrow. It’s your turn...

The Most Important Things We Learned from SearchLeeds 2018

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For those unfamiliar, SearchLeeds is the North’s largest search marketing conference. The event’s remit covers everything from technical SEO to paid media, through to content marketing and digital PR – with a focus on actionable advice practitioners...

Team Profile: Juan Mora Romero

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Digital executive, Juan Mora Romero, undertook the reverse trip made by many British retirees, swapping sunny southern Spain for dour Manchester two years ago. Arriving to study for his Master’s in digital marketing, Juan was quickly scooped up by the omnipresent Banc recruitment machine.