A Christmas Carol: Content Marketing for the Holiday Period

By Banc

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The ever-emotional John Lewis advert and Coca Cola truck have become huge parts of the annual build up to the Christmas festivities.

Marketing directed at the public’s seasonally-high emotions and proclivity for nostalgia has seen advertising become a major patch in the Christmas quilt rather than just the unseen stitching.

Whilst some may believe Christmas marketing campaigns have diluted the message of the season and simply created an expensive stretch of white noise we have to endure during the X Factor adverts – ignoring this opportunity could be costly.

The expensive, controversial WWI Christmas advert from Sainsbury’s has everyone talking, with the advertised chocolate bars selling at a rate of 5,000/hour. At the other end of the scale, no one is talking about Morrisons’ advert – which continues their 250-year deal, signed in blood, with Ant n Dec.

So here are a few content marketing ideas for Christmas to separate you from the herd, without the need to chuck £7 million towards bringing Monty the Penguin to life.

Email Advent Calendar

Treat your customers and email list sign ups to 25 days of exclusive deals, content, treats and festive love in the guise of an advent calendar. Build up the value of the treats behind the daily flaps from a video of a dog eating like a human on December 1st, to a sizeable discount on your goods and services on Christmas Eve.

Make it simple to unsubscribe from the email advent calendar, but stress the progressive nature of the treats in waiting.

Christmas Cards

Take your content marketing offline for a short while with company-branded Christmas cards to send to employees, clients and big customers – keeping you close to their minds and their hearts (aww). Make your Christmas card stand out from the crowd with a theme unique to your company – I am currently in the process of proposing a nativity scene Christmas card featuring members of Banc Media’s upper management recreating the roles of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and gathered donkeys.

2013-11-28 14.53.10

A Natural Joesph

Release a Christmas Single

Channel your inner Geldof and re-release a Christmas classic with a little help from your friends. A day in the recording studio crooning along to Mariah Carey can also double up as the work’s Christmas party as well, saving you a few pennies. If you manage to avoid copyright infringements, release the track and contribute any profits from sales to charity. Instant positive PR and a warm Christmassy feeling.

Karaoke - Sebastian Bergmann

Stocking Fillers

A small extra Christmas gift added to all orders in December can help build a sense of goodwill amongst your customers. Your freebie Christmas gift can be as small and inexpensive as you like, but make it festive, fun, and relevant to your target audience. At the very worst, these will be re-gifted to your customers’ great aunties, for whom they don’t know what to buy.

For more content marketing ideas for Christmas or any time of the year, get in touch with the Banc Media team on 0845 459 0558.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Sebastian Bergmann