3 Ways to Boost Your PPC Performance in Bing

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Although Bing has a market share under 7% in the UK, there is still a lot to gain from using this channel in your PPC campaign.


Here are three ways to boost your PPC performance using Bing:

1. Seller Ratings

Bing allows you to gain trust with new customers and stand out from your competitors by boosting your Click Through Rate and pushing customer service elements. By using Feefo and Trustpilot review systems it keeps an eye on reputation management and appears in a really similar way to Google. There is also now a new feature that shows your breakdown scores for delivery, price, selection and other key customer service ratings in text ads.

ratings bing

2. Sitelinks

This is something Google users will also be familiar with. Sitelinks appear as additional links of ‘under the ad text’. This helps to increase the ad size and the Click Through Rate, as well as directing users to more specific landing pages. This can be added at campaign and ad group level for a more granular effect. Bing doesn’t currently allow the expanded version of sitelinks that can be found on Google.

sitelinks bing

Bing recently rolled out Dynamic sitelinks in the United States. This is for campaigns that don’t have sitelinks set up already. The system deep links information based on the site. The bonus of Dynamic sitelinks is that they free up time, but they do remove control over what appears against your ad.

3. Device Bidding

In June 2014 Bing launched device bid adjustments. This is due to growth in mobile and tablet use requiring a more sophisticated bidding strategy. Bing now enables companies to increase or decrease bids by campaign based on performance on tablets and mobiles as opposed to a desktop.

device bidding bing

It is only possible to decrease bids by 20%, but you can increase bids by up to 300%. You can also choose not to appear on mobile, but tablet targeting is included with desktop now.

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